18 February 2021

Imperial Brands Chief Executive Stefan Bomhard presented to investors at this year's virtual CAGNY Conference.

Stefan summarised our new strategy and five-year plan to transform the business, and explained our revised approach to managing our portfolio of brands. He also responded to investor questions during a dedicated Q&A session.


27 January 2021
  • New strategy and five-year plan to transform the business
  • Revitalised tobacco business will be the key driver of value creation
  • Increased focus on our top five markets representing c. 72% of combustible operating profit
  • Disciplined NGP business committed to harm reduction and providing options for growth
  • Reshaping our culture and ways of working to place the consumer at the centre of our business
  • Delivering a stronger, more consistent performance without a margin reset
  • A clear capital allocation framework to underpin the strategy and enhance returns

Imperial Brands plc will today host a virtual capital markets event for analysts and investors. Chief Executive, Stefan Bomhard, and members of the executive team, will provide details of their new strategy to transform Imperial Brands and create long-term value.

Stefan Bomhard said: “We have undertaken a comprehensive strategic review, examining all opportunities for unlocking value. This process has reinforced my view that the Group has solid foundations on which we can build a better and stronger business. Our new detailed five-year plan sets out clear strategic priorities, which will drive targeted investment behind those markets and brands with the greatest opportunities for value creation. We have put the consumer at the centre of everything we do and are beginning to reshape our culture to support the new strategy. This will improve our ways of working and create an agile, collaborative and performance-based business that will deliver a stronger, more consistent performance.”