Who’s this programme for?

This programme is specially designed for professionals who want to start their career with us after completing their course. Whilst experience in FMCG will help you adapt to life at Imperial Brands quicker, we welcome talent from all backgrounds. You just need to show us you’ve the drive, determination, initiative and entrepreneurial spirit to make an impact in our dynamic, globally recognised company.


How it works

Our MBA programme is rotational in nature, meaning you’ll benefit from 2-3 placements within different parts of our business over the course of two years. These are pre-planned, and often take place in different locations or regions – something that enables you to gain valuable exposure to the international makeup of our business.

Forget a “one-size-fits-all” approach though. Instead, we’ll take the time to assess your profile and preferences, and then use our findings to couple you with the most appropriate opportunities available within the business. It’s a flexible path of development that’s built around your talents – and one that has helped us develop countless MBAs into well rounded global leaders.

When you arrive with us, we’ll immediately place you onto our Emerging Potential Programme and Divisional Talent Programmes – development initiatives designed to accelerate your learning, increase your confidence and boost your adaptability. You can learn more about them here. You’ll also benefit from access to former MBAs who will be available to advise and inspire you.  

What we’re looking for

The selection process

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CV Screening

During this stage, we’ll review your CV and your application form answers to make sure you not only embark on the Programme that best suits your skills and interests but also meet our Programme requirements and our compulsory criteria: citizenship, language skills and qualifications.

Online Tests

Our Online Tests are a key part of the selection process. Built in partnership with one of best early talent test providers in the market, you’ll be assessed on your numerical, verbal and logical reasoning skills, and scored according to best industry standards. There’s nothing to prepare for – our tests are more like games!

Video Interview

This hour-long interview is your first chance to meet one of our team, for us to get to know you and for you to find out more about Imperial Brands. We’ll be exploring with you your ambitions, motivations and assessing if our culture and your outlook match up as well as your potential to grow within our business.

Assessment Centre

We try to make our Assessment Days fun. They’re a chance for you to meet some of our Senior Managers across our business and ask more questions about our Programmes and company. We’ll also assess you further and discover more about you. We hope to do this in person but we will do it virtually if local COVID restrictions continue to limit in-person activities.