Committed to high vaping standards

We believe Next Generation Products (NGP) have a significant role to play in tobacco harm reduction policies. It’s vital that we have a legislative framework, based on sound scientific evidence, that raises quality standards and gives smokers the confidence to try vaping products and other NGP.

myblu is our cutting-edge vaping device, with a simple ‘click & go’ pod format that combines power with portability – offering adult smokers a high quality alternative to combustible cigarettes.

Our research shows vapour is over 95% less toxic than cigarette smoke, consistent with the findings of Public Health England. We have also demonstrated that myblu vapour contains up to potentially 99% fewer harmful chemicals than cigarette smoke.

We are committed to driving improved product standards across the vape category to build trust with regulators, retailers and consumers.

Our myblu devices and pods are subject to over 30 rigorous quality tests and are compliant with numerous international product standards.

myblu e-liquids are:

  • tested by a dedicated team of professional scientists;
  • subject to strict risk assessment processes;
  • not tested on animals;
  • made available in in pre-filled pods, guaranteeing the liquids meet our high quality standards;
  • manufactured and filled in a clean room environment.