Promoting Employee interest in wellbeing globally

Business success is achieved when employees are enabled to do their best and that includes being in good spirit, energised and well.

To encourage our employees to be more focused on their wellbeing and to promote a sense of team spirit across the Group, in 2018 we once again invited employees across our global operations to take part in the annual Virgin Pulse Global Step Challenge.

The challenge aims to improve the physical and mental health of those taking part through a combined focus on physical activity, good sleep and nutrition, all supported by an online portal.

Around 1,100 of our employees arranged into teams of seven individuals signed up and, over the course of the 100-day challenge from late May to 1 September 2018, collectively took more than 1.25 billion steps – equivalent to more than 500,000 miles.

Our winning team was ‘Provokatorji’ from Slovenia, who collectively travelled more than 11,000 miles. The highest daily step count average by global location however was recorded in Kyrgyzstan, with our employees there recording an impressive 19,300 steps a day.

Most importantly, two-thirds of all those taking part in the challenge reported an increase in energy levels and a reduction in stress. Around 55 per cent noted an increase in their levels of productivity or concentration.

Seventy-five per cent of our employees met the recommended average of 10,000 steps per day compared to just 21 per cent at the outset of the challenge.