Cutting risks on the roads

We operate in over 100 countries, including in India, China and an array of African countries where there is a higher risk of road collisions.

Our sales fleet comprises more than 6,000 vehicles and we estimate that our people drive around 100 million business miles per year.

Road safety performance is therefore an important issue and ‘Drive Safe’ is our company-wide programme which addresses the safety of employees and business partners whilst travelling in vehicles.

Our goal is to reduce collision rates, not only to minimise the number of employee and non-employee injuries and fatalities, but also reduce cost to the business.

We continue to work under global best practice guidance, utilising champions across the business to embed this guidance at a local level.

The road safety guidance covers seven fundamental areas: safe usage of mobile phones; vehicles which meet minimum safety requirements; high risk driver identification; drivers who are trained regularly; managers’ responsibilities for road safety; collision reporting process; and reporting of metrics to management.

For some time now, we have participated in the global benchmarking survey, Network for Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS), which identifies for example the countries where our sales fleet have above-average collision rates.

In our 2018 financial year we measured the collision rates for our vehicles in over 50 countries. Leading Indicators are used to measure road safety performance and identify improvement opportunities.

We continue with the NETS benchmarking in our 2019 financial year and hope to see further improvement in collision rates.