Cutting risks on the roads

With a sales fleet comprising more than 6,000 vehicles covering around 120 million miles each year, road safety is an important aspect of our responsibility to create a safe working environment. 

On a global basis, our fleet is exposed to a wide range of road conditions with the potential to challenge even the most experienced road user. 

‘Drive Safe’ is our company-wide programme which addresses the safety of employees and business partners. Our aim is to ensure we create the safest possible conditions for drivers and other road users. 

In 2020 we revised our Road and Driver Safety Guidance to support this, setting minimum safety requirements for our vehicles and seeking to influence driver behaviours by providing regular training, identifying high-risk drivers and clearly communicating our ‘7 rules of road safety’. 

We also launched our inaugural Drive Safe Awards to recognise and celebrate the best examples of road and driver safety in our sales team. 

The Cluster Award was won by our African team, which demonstrated a clear passion and commitment to improving driver safety. The winner of the Market Initiative Award was the Italian team, which reduced vehicle collision rates by 75 per cent following the implementation of an In-Vehicle Monitoring System.

Other markets, notably Russia and Senegal, were recognised for their successful implementation of IVMS, which allows us to track metrics such as location, speed, cornering force and acceleration rate and support our fleet by giving feedback on driving style. 

The awards, judged by our divisional sales directors, are ultimately designed to engage, encourage and empower our global sales force to become better and safer drivers for themselves, their families, colleagues and other road users.