We’re opening a new hub in the heart of Warsaw. As a Centre of Excellence, our ultra-modern offices will be home to Global Supply Chain professionals with a wide range of skillsets, experiences, and backgrounds.
You may be based in our city centre office but you’ll feel connected to and work with colleagues across the world. Our goal is to revolutionise our end-to-end global supply operation through more agile decision making. Greater professional freedoms. And the technological power to make good performance great. Every day is an opportunity to make your mark and develop.
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"Join us at Imperial and be part of this transformation, we are currently in a phase where we are designing the new ways of working. There is still a lot of opportunity to influence and shape our future."

Rémi Guillon


Meet Erik

Head of Operations Planning

Erik on life at Imperial

Why is the new Global Supply Chain function critical to Imperial’s success?

We in Imperial have a strong view on the importance and value of an accountable and integrated Supply Chain, that plans, sources, makes and delivers with the use of new technology. We also believe an excellent and professional Supply Chain team is a competitive advantage to deliver value and growth in a business.  

Imperial’s Global Supply Chain team is building on current success and future improvements in efficiencies and costs will enable Imperial to invest in further new systems and capabilities, introduce product innovations and an improved product experience for our consumers, also positively impacting on sales volumes and market shares.

What makes Imperial a unique organisation to work for? Why should someone join Imperial? 

When you love to learn new things, when you are energized by change and challenges you should join Imperial. Joining Imperial, you can contribute considerably to the transformation which has just started. You’ll enjoy working with our people coming from many cultures and backgrounds. The value and passion you will see in our people to support and to drive our business forward is amazing and will make you believe that it is the absolute right decision to join us! 

What skills and behaviours do you need to be successful at Imperial, and in Global Supply Chain?

Effective communication, problem solving and teamwork are key to being successful at Imperial. In Global Supply Chain personal accountability for your actions and ways of working is important. We enjoy working and collaborating with others, we take responsibility and learn from our mistakes.

There will be many situations where you can show initiative by proactively handling situations and finding answers to questions without direction. You’ll be flexible by adapting to situations when they arise, shifting plans and adapting to new concepts to succeed. You will use thoughtful analysis to identify problems and make informed decisions. 

Meet Dominika

People & Culture Business Partner

Dominika on life at Imperial

How will new joiners in the Warsaw Hub be able to shape the future direction of Global Supply Chain at Imperial?

Everyone who joins the team is a value in themselves: through their own experiences, skills, the ability to perceive things differently and sharing insights. Active engagement in creating processes and improving them is natural for everyone in the team. Through openness, cooperation and courage, new ideas are born that have an impact on the future of business.

How would you describe the culture at Imperial? 

Team spirit is key, through openness, authenticity and respect we build trust within the team creating the strength and passion to act with enthusiasm, look to the future and anticipate opportunities and challenges for future development. We’re not afraid of failures because we learn from them, developing better solutions. 

The more diverse we are, the stronger we are as a team and business - by learning from each other, sharing  knowledge, ideas and experience. We also like to have fun working and being together!

What development opportunities are available at Imperial, or in Global Supply Chain? 

An individual approach to each employee is important to us, individual development plans for each employee taking into account individual needs, ambitions and development opportunities - remember you are the author of your development path! We encourage and support learning and development in various forms: our global learning platform; internal and external training sessions; local, global and cross functional projects; global development programmes and mentoring are all available. If you want to get to know another area, we will make it possible. Development, personally and professionally, is our priority.

Meet Andrew

Head of Quality Compliance

Andrew on life at Imperial

What makes Imperial a great company to work for? 

Imperial is unique as we don’t shy away from the controversial nature of our product, we understand that our products come with a high level of responsibility and we act accordingly. Everyone at Imperial knows this and we work together to make sure consumers can responsibly enjoy our products.

How will new joiners in the Warsaw Hub be able to shape the future direction of Global Supply Chain?

Imperial is changing the approach to supply chain in a dramatic way. We don’t have all the answers as to what is the most optimum set up of a Supply Chain organisation, we need engaged and forward thinking new joiners to shape the way forward, to set up the Supply Chain and all its complicated interfaces in the most efficient way to get our products to our consumers.

How would you describe the culture at Imperial? 

Imperial’s culture is evolving. We empower each employee to challenge, making sure that their voice is heard and that the power of our collective thought is harnessed effectively to make sure that Imperial is changing for the better.

Meet Patricia

Head of Global Distribution

Patricia on life at Imperial

How would you describe the culture at Imperial? 

Imperial is a company with a multicultural DNA.  

The spirit is of one team, with a high focus on delivery. There is a natural will to collaborate and learn from each other in a very friendly atmosphere. Seniority is not a barrier here, and leadership teams are easy to approach, exchange with and are always eager for feedback. 

We enjoy working here!

What makes Imperial a unique organisation to work for? Why should someone join Imperial?

Imperial has a very strong and consolidated foundation, which needs to evolve and to adapt to new challenges. You will quickly be given responsibilities, projects, actions that you will have to drive, extend your collaboration and share your ideas. We are building now who we want to be in the future.  

What development opportunities are available at Imperial, or in GSC? 

The opportunities of development at Imperial are huge. There are many stories of people at Imperial and many people within GSC who have been able to grow, move, from function to function and from country to country according to their willingness or business requirement, whether for a project based or entirely new role. Talent development and training programmes are part of our culture: cross-functional or expert, there are many different ways to go through your careers. All is possible here!

I experienced these opportunities first hand. I started as project engineer in a factory and worked in France, UK, Spain, Germany, Poland, Morocco, USA, Dominican Republic. I now head Global Distribution, after 5 years in Planning & Supply. I have enjoyed working in these changing environments!

Meet Björn

Senior Manager Print, Initiatives (PCC Project Coordination and Control) Specification Expertise

Björn on life at Imperial

Why should someone join Imperial? 

It’s a great place to grow as an individual, and a professional, because opportunities to make a meaningful impact are available. We love to see when people can recognise the opportunity and take accountability with confidence. Importantly, you’ll be heard if and when you share ideas and proposals for actions, finding solutions and building our future. It’s just a great organisation because you are the master of your own destiny, I have experienced it myself.

How will new joiners in Warsaw be able to shape the future direction of Global Supply Chain at Imperial?

First of all you will fill a position which is absolutely necessary in order to satisfy our consumers, and you’ll be supported fully. Once you have settled in and feel confident in what you do, look for opportunities get involved, there is always something meaningful going on. There are a lot of initiatives that have changed the way we operate for the better that have started with one individual that was able to recognise the opportunity.

How would you describe the culture at Imperial? 

We’re very focused on getting the job done and we solve problems as a team, we are very diverse. Everybody is heard. It’s a place where you can speak up openly. We’re building our culture further which will enable us to become even more inclusive and encourage everybody to bring their best self to work. It was good, and it’s getting better!