Our award-winning training programmes, coaching and online platforms are real assets you will find invaluable to your growth and development. They’re eye-opening, led by the best providers and will make you a stronger professional with well-rounded skills.
Best of all is that you’re in control; whether it’s following a structured pathway to develop in your current role, attending a global webinar on skills building, finding useful articles to get ahead of the game on something new, or even learning a new language.


Our approach to leadership development is carefully structured to help you harness your potential and build the skills you need to take on more responsibility. With bespoke resources for all leaders to hit the ground running from day one as well as a variety of development programmes, we ensure that you’re fully supported.

These are aimed at two key groups, with distinct pathways and collaborative workshops for those leading others (called 'Dare to Lead') and those leading managers (called 'Inspire to Lead'). We also offer resources to help you develop skills in Crucial Conversations, Finances, Team Building and Motivation, Wellbeing and Driving Winning Performance – in essence, everything you need to grow into an effective and trusted leader.


One of the jewels in the crown of our learning and development offering is our Emerging Potential Programme. Available across our global organisation and affiliated with Harvard, this programme is designed to accelerate the development of our emerging talent by learning and collaborating together. Clear goals allow participants to transition from one stage to the next via a series of personally and professionally enriching modules:

Leading Yourself

This helps you adapt to changing environments. To become more resilient, manage time and productivity, and discover how to delegate effectively.

Leading Others

The next step is learning how to develop teams and individuals. Listening, cultivating trust and learning to become comfortable having difficult conversations. You’ll recognize how to deliver feedback constructively and adapt your coaching to any given situation. Plus how to diagnose team performance, encourage collaboration and manage conflict resolution.

Leading the Business

These modules will set you up to become one of the most effective leaders in the business. From prioritising team and individual goals that align with the Imperial Brands strategy to developing action plans and making well-informed decisions leading to smart execution, we cover the topics you need to be the complete leader.

  • 98% of participants strongly agree or agree that the programme increased their confidence in their leadership abilities.
  • 70% of participants said that this programme helped them take on increased responsibilities, duties or projects.
  • 41% of participants said they have had a role change or promotion since starting this programme.


A business-specific interactive site, connecting mentors with mentees across Imperial Brands. With over 700 experienced people signed up in over 50 countries, it’s essentially a social media platform that enables both mentees and mentors to build confidence, develop skills and expertise, and take their careers to exciting new places. A new focus on diversity and reverse mentoring is engaging even more people across Imperial to connect, learn and grow.


All of our learning and development initiatives are underpinned by our brilliant, intelligent online platform that makes learning more personal to you. It manages all the amazing content we already have from well-known names such as Harvard, LinkedIn Learning and GetAbstract and targets you with what’s relevant to your skills, goals and progress plan. You can venture into anything from Key Account Management or Digital Marketing to Consumer Segmentation or Lean Manufacturing – from your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.


Something else that’s worth mentioning are the Field Force workshops we offer in Negotiation, Communication and Time Management. They’re all part of a specialist academy proven to enhance the performance of Sales Reps, and elevate their skills to a world-class level. For 360 Connect-enabled markets, we even have the Field Force Academy app for mobile devices – meaning you can be learning even when you’re on the move.