What are the minimum requirements for the Graduate and MBA Programmes?

If you are applying for the MBA Programme, you must have an MBA qualification and approximately 3-5 years of work experience.

If you are applying for the Graduate Programme you must have obtained your qualification by September 2021.

We do not have a minimum requirement for the grade that you have achieved, but we do ask that you have studied a subject that is relevant to the Programme that you are applying for and meet our skill requirements set out in the programme profile.

How long are the Graduate and MBA Programmes?

Both Programmes are 2 years duration with rotations throughout this period which will allow you the opportunity to fully experience and explore Imperial Brands and all we have to offer. 

Are there Graduate and MBA Programmes specific to a business area e.g. Finance, Commercial etc?

MBA Programme – Our MBA Programme is rotational allowing you to experience more of our business and build your career. Therefore, we do not have MBA Programmes fully aligned to specific business areas.

Graduate Rotational Programme - The Rotational Programme allows you to experience more of our business as opposed to aligning to a specific business area. We do require business-related studies as a background and meeting our behavioural skills outlined in the Programme Description.

Specialist Graduate Programme – these are based in our Research and Development company, Nerudia, in:

  • Engineering (mechanical, electronic or design)
  • Science (all disciplines, with a specific interest and experience in data analytical skills)

These programmes would be unlikely to rotate due to the nature of the special skills needed within function.

Where will I be located?

MBA Programme – you will be rotating through different business areas and/or different projects. This may include changing locations.

We align our rotations with your skills, experience and career expectations alongside the opportunities available in the business. It is important to us that we offer you real roles that also match what you are looking for.

Our main locations for our MBA Programme are the UK and Spain, however, you may rotate to different markets as your Programme develops.

Graduate Programme – You will be based in the country of the Programme that you have selected and rotate through different business areas and/or projects also based in that country. On completing your Graduate Programme, you will be supported if you choose to work in a different country and start your global career should the applicable opportunities be available.

Our Rotational Graduate Programmes are based in Liverpool (UK), Bristol (UK), Madrid (Spain), Hamburg (Germany), Poland (various), Sydney (Australia) and North Carolina (USA).

How do the rotations work?

MBA Programme – We will work with you to determine opportunities that are available in the business that mutually meet both the successful MBA candidate´s profile and expectations and the business need for those skills and experience.

Graduate Programme – We are an agile business and feel that it’s important that you experience a real role from day one that allows you to make an impact, therefore, rotations are agreed with you before your start date.

We will review the available business opportunities with you alongside your skills and career aspirations to ensure that we agree a rotational programme that allows you to fully develop your potential.

Will the Rotational Graduate and MBA Programmes require me to work in different countries?

MBA Programme – Throughout the rotational programme you will work in one or more locations and/or countries depending on your assignments. However, in a global company like Imperial, the more flexibility that you are able to provide, the more opportunities that will become available to you in developing your career and potential.  

Graduate Programme – You will be based in the location that you have chosen to apply to. However, in a global company like Imperial, there may be the occasional requirement to travel nationally and internationally for short periods.

If you choose to pursue a truly global career and consider available international opportunities after you have completed your programme, we will support you and your ambitions.

Please note that the Specialist Graduate Programmes based in Nerudia will not rotate and will be based in the UK.


What support and development can I expect on the Programme?

Imperial offers numerous learning & development resources, both as part of, and outside of, the Graduate and MBA Programmes.

You are encouraged to take advantage of the wide range of online development opportunities as well as individual coaching sessions, mentoring programmes, career conversations, performance and development guidance and much more.

This is in addition to the development opportunities that will come as part of your roles that working alongside talented colleagues and leaders will also give you.


After I complete the rotational Programme, what happens?

Whatever programme you join, you have the opportunity to drive your own career. We encourage you to make the most of your rotational programme – not only in your personal performance but also to ascertain what direction you would like your career to move towards and we’ll work with you to identify opportunities after you complete your programme.  

We ensure that the programmes provide a great framework to learn quickly, get a 360 view of our business, develop valuable experience and networks whilst learning more about yourself and your ambitions. 


What if I need any reasonable adjustments when applying or through the selection process?

If you require any reasonable adjustments through the application and selection process, please contact us on resourcing@uk.imptob.com.   

It is important to note that the full application and selection process will be conducted in English language. 

Can I apply for Programmes in more than one country?

MBA Programme – Candidates selected for the MBA Rotational Programme will join a Global pool of candidates who will take roles in different locations, regardless of the country where they studied their MBA. There is only one application for all MBA although candidates may get to be placed in more than one country during their rotational period.

Graduate programme – No. We would like you to apply for one programme in the country of your choice. You must have the right to work in that chosen country. 

How long does the selection process take?

The selection process takes around 3 months and comprises 4 key stages:

  • CV Screening
  • Online Tests
  • Video Interview
  • Assessment Centre

After these stages, we will inform you as to whether you have been successful or unsuccessful. 

What is the closing date for applications?

To be agreed with Cielo

When do the Assessment Centres take place?

Our Assessment Centres will take place in December 2020 and January 2021.

If I’m unsuccessful, am I able to receive feedback?

Unfortunately, due to the volume of applications that we receive we are only able to provide individual feedback for those who have attended the Video Interviews and our Assessment Centres. We are unable to provide individual feedback for all application stages prior to that.

Please note that we do provide the results of your online tests, however, unfortunately we are unable to discuss these and provide specific feedback further at this stage due to the volume of applicants.

If I have any problems throughout the selection process, who can I contact?

If you experience any problems, or have any queries, through the application and selection process please contact us on resourcing@uk.imptob.com

Please be aware that we have a high volume of applications and therefore we will get back to you as soon as we are able to. 

I am an internal candidate; how should I apply?

If currently work for Imperial and you are eligible, please ensure that your manager is informed and apply via the Internal Careers Site.

If I applied previously and was unsuccessful, can I apply again?

Yes you can.