We want to create an inspiring workplace for our employees, support their career aspirations and build their capabilities so that their talents and skills flourish.

Engagement is important to us and we want to be an employer of choice. We are investing in development, listening to our people, reducing accidents and encouraging positive behaviours.

The external environment surrounding the international tobacco market will continue to pose challenges but we have consistently demonstrated our ability to grow our business in difficult conditions. We take pride in what we do and how we do it. Acting responsibly and with integrity has helped us create and sustain a successful business and attract and retain talent.

Underpinning our culture are our values. These are the essence of what we are about and define who we are. They provide us with a common bond, guiding the way we do business and influencing the way we behave. Our values are about working together, continually improving, taking ownership and making the most of every opportunity.



We recognise that in the workplace there are number of health and safety risks. These include risks from working at heights, operating moving machinery, slips, trips and falls, environmental factors, handling tools and the presence of electricity, amongst others. 

We reduce the risk of work-related injuries and ill health through behavioural training, risk assessment, risk management, accident investigation with root-cause analysis, reporting, audit and improvement planning.

We develop our local Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) management processes in line with the international standard OHSAS 18001. We also focus on specific topics such as safety leadership, work at heights, managing road risk, and stress and resilience.

We provide occupational healthcare services to meet the needs of our business and for improvement. Some of our larger sites have in-house occupational health professionals whereas other sites use third-party healthcare service providers.

A number of our employees are required to undertake international travel. We have travel security services to give our travellers the best support.

We look to support employee well-being through a range of offerings that fall under three main areas of focus: mental, physical and social well-being.

Given cultural differences and that it is not a one-size-fits-all, many of our employee wellbeing offerings are enabled locally with a few Group initiatives, such as our previous global activity challenge and our Group-wide volunteering initiative.

We see a range of initiatives enabled at the local level that include things like resilience training, employee assistance programmes, health checks and awareness programmes, flexible working, family-friendly policies and facilities and workplace celebrations and social events.

Under employee wellbeing, we also support volunteering as it is a positive way for employees to engage with local communities, broaden perspectives and support a work-life balance.



Our success is driven by our people continuously helping us to improve our results, learning from experience and striving for more. We are creating a genuine performance focus, building it into our culture so that we can guide our teams and our people to be the best they can be, every day.

The continuous development of our employees is encouraged through skills enhancement and training programmes. We use a formal approach to performance management as part of a continuous process of performance planning, assessment, development planning and review. This is further supported by our global HR system ‘Workday’.

We operate in a number of countries and realise that one size doesn’t fit all, therefore our total reward packages our designed to be competitive within each country. In addition to base salary and bonus opportunities, we provide holiday, health and welfare benefits and pension benefits in line with the local work environment. Where possible, we also provide an opportunity for our employees to purchase company shares.

Great individual performance can be the differentiator and we want to make sure that those who make the biggest contributions are rewarded for their effort. We keep this ay the forefront of our minds as we review and update our programmes.  



We work to ensure that we have the right people with the right skills and behaviours working for the business, today and tomorrow. Our focus is two-fold. Firstly, we mobilise our existing talent so that we can retain home-grown knowledge, skills and experience. Secondly, we attract new talent to meet business needs.

This is achieved through a number of key activities involving the identification of workforce talent needs, marketing and attraction to promote careers through a wide range of channels, assessment and selection, strategic pipeline development and promoting our employer value proposition.  

We understand the importance of a positive culture in retaining talent in addition to the development and rewards in place. Our culture is defined by our Values and our Leadership Expectations. The Leadership Expectations bring our values to life, giving us all clear direction on how to step up, take ownership and drive the business forward.



We are committed to treating employees with respect and support equal opportunities. We value diversity to nurture the best talent. We strongly believe that having diversity across the business not only makes it a better place to work but also helps us realise our commercial strategy. We also want a culture that is vibrant and where our people can be themselves at work.

Our approach to diversity is built around three pillars:

  • Inspire – raising awareness of the diversity agenda and showing how it can help us achieve our business aims.
  • Strengthen – looking at the way we recruit, retain and develop people to help us embed diversity and develop a diverse talent pool.
  • Empower – finding new ways to support flexible working and greater collaboration across the business so everyone feels they can fully contribute to our success.

We promote diversity internally with awareness campaigns, career talks, unconscious bias training and diversity celebrations. The importance of diversity, equality and non-discrimination is highlighted in our Code of Conduct and underpinned by our values.

Our 2018 UK Gender Pay Gap Report is available to view here.



We encourage efficient, open and honest communication to foster good working relationships with employees and their representatives. We seek to inform and involve employees in understanding our business objectives and local developments.

We use engagement surveys to gain an understanding of employee views. More formal engagement is undertaken through local and regional works councils, trade unions, staff councils and local Health and Safety Committees. We also have joint bargaining arrangements in various regions and countries.

We seek to manage organisational change fairly and are committed to supporting our employees. We focus on active consultation with employees, trade unions and works councils. In our social plans, we incorporate measures and approaches to support voluntary severance, internal and external redeployment and, if appropriate and desired, retirement.