At the core of our responsible approach are our people, living the values, respecting our Code of Conduct and driving responsible performance.

We focus on four areas: being responsible with products; having a rewarding workplace; respecting natural resources and reinvesting in society. Within our CR Framework we align our responsibility objectives, main issues, business activities and stakeholder interests.

How we contribute, collectively and individually, determines the level of positive change and success we deliver. We encourage everyone to get involved across the business.

Our materiality analysis has enabled us to prioritise our issues on a basis of stakeholder interest and business relevance. We have also accounted for the UN Sustainable Development Goals to help shape our focus on the longer-term.

Our approach is further explained in our Sustainability Report. We understand the importance of business and human rights with the UN guiding principles and legislative developments such as the Modern Day Slavery Act in the UK. For more information on human rights please view here.

Focusing on what matters

Through engagement with our stakeholders we have identified the corporate responsibility matters that are most relevant to our business. These are aligned under our four CR pillars.

  • Product Responsibility

  • Rewarding Workplace

  • Respecting
    Natural Resources

  • Reinvesting
    In Society


We place responsibility in the context of good business management. Our PLC Board approves direction and remains informed with business reviews, progress reports and briefings. Our Operating Executive is responsible for implementing Group strategy and monitoring operational performance.

A formal Corporate Responsibility Review is held with both the Operating Executive and the PLC Board, annually.

Further information can be found in our Leadership and Governance Table.

Material risks to the business, including strategic, operational, financial, legal and the most pertinent social and environmental risks, are detailed in our Risk Register. Aligned to this is our Sustainability Risk Register which details our CR issues and links them with the most relevant operational and strategic risks and our governance framework.


Building and maintaining trust with our stakeholders underpins our business success and reputation. Engagement introduces wider perspectives and enables better decision-making. We primarily use stakeholder feedback to help us understand key priorities and how we can do things better. This ranges from how we operate within a community, to the development of our products, to the rewards we give to employees.

For information on key stakeholder groups and how we engage, please view Responding to our Stakeholders.

Periodically we seek opinions by convening a Stakeholder Panel to appraise our responsible approach and to listen to different viewpoints.