We want to create an inspiring workplace for our employees, support their career aspirations and build their capabilities so that their talents and skills flourish.

Engagement is important to us and we want to be an employer of choice. We are investing in development, listening to our people, reducing accidents and encouraging positive behaviours.



We reduce the risk of work-related injuries and ill health through behavioural training, risk assessment, risk management, accident investigation with root-cause analysis, reporting, audit and improvement planning.

We develop our local OHS management processes in line with the international standard OHSAS 18001. We also focus on specific topics such as safety leadership, work at heights, managing road risk, and stress and resilience.

We provide occupational healthcare services to meet the needs of our business and for improvement. Some of our larger sites have in-house occupational health professionals whereas other sites use third-party healthcare service providers.

A number of our employees are required to undertake international travel. We have travel security services to give our travellers the best support.



We are committed to treating employees with respect and support equal opportunities. We value diversity to nurture the best talent. We expect any employee grievances to be addressed consistently, fairly and in a timely manner.

Our people are required to maintain appropriate standards of behaviour, in line with our Code of Conduct, to foster good relationships and prevent harassment. Our values guide a positive set of behaviours that uniquely express what our business and our people stand for.

We provide guidance and training to support employees' understanding of expected behaviour, particularly in respect of their business decisions and the Code of Conduct.

Concerns can be raised through a number of contacts internally or if preferred employees can use a confidential global helpline, in accordance with our Public Interest Disclosure (whistleblowing) policy.



We encourage efficient, open and honest communication to foster good working relationships with employees and their representatives. We seek to inform and involve employees in understanding our business objectives and local developments.

We use engagement surveys to gain an understanding of employee views. More formal engagement is undertaken through local and regional works councils, trade unions, staff councils and local Health and Safety Committees. We also have joint bargaining arrangements in various regions and countries.

We seek to manage organisational change fairly and are committed to supporting our employees. We focus on active consultation with employees, trade unions and works councils. In our social plans, we incorporate measures and approaches to support voluntary severance, internal and external redeployment and, if appropriate and desired, retirement.



People who are appropriately trained and developed will be better enabled to deliver our commercial strategy. We pay and reward people fairly using benchmarks and job groups.

This contributes to productivity, strong customer service, retention rates and talent attraction. Effective recruitment, retention and succession planning are important to our on-going business success.

The continuous development of our employees is encouraged through skills enhancement and training programmes. We use Integrated Performance Management (IPM) as continuous process of performance planning, assessment, development planning and review.



We look to support employee well-being through a range of offerings that fall under three main areas of focus: mental, physical and interpersonal well-being.

Given cultural differences and that it is not a one-size-fits-all, many of our employee wellbeing offerings are enabled locally with a few Group initiatives, such as our previous global activity challenge and our Group-wide volunteering initiative.

We see a range of initiatives enabled at the local level that include things like resilience training, employee assistance programmes, health checks and awareness programmes, flexible working, family-friendly policies and facilities and workplace celebrations and social events.

We also support employee volunteering as it is a positive way for employees to engage with local communities, broaden perspectives and support a work-life balance.