We’re optimising our portfolio to focus on our Growth and Specialist Brands, which generate more than half of our tobacco net revenue.

Our high-quality Growth Brands have broad consumer appeal. Several have been developed into total tobacco offerings, providing consumers with both cigarette and fine cut tobacco experiences. We’re managing these brands to drive quality sustainable growth.


These high-quality brands have strong consumer appeal and generally well-established positions in key markets

Our Specialist Brands consist of a dynamic range of cigarette, fine cut and smokeless tobaccos, papers, cigars and e-vapour brands. Specialist Brands have strong positions in their own categories and are enjoyed by specific consumer groups. These brands have a track record of generating strong returns.

The remainder of our portfolio consists of local and regional brands. These Portfolio Brands either add to our revenue generation or will be migrated into Growth Brands.










Specialist Brands have strong positions in their own categories, appealing to specific consumer groups.